Do you want to play college hockey, junior hockey or prep high school hockey in the US? Do you want to maximize your exposure to the coaches?

- Welcome to attend one of our hockey showcases in Scandinavia or the US!

When you participate in our Showcases you will have the chance to show your talent and skills to coaches from the USA and to find out what is required from you both as a student and a hockey player. A great opportunity to find out if this is something for you!

In our showcase you will have the chance to be scouted on the ice. We will also give you interesting lectures on the academic system, the American culture and requirements for you to attend College or Prep School. Seize the opportunity!

If you are at one of our US Showcases, you will also have the chance to visit Prep Schools and College hockey programs. This is a great opportunity. Everyone can live the dream and play in America!

Bluechip and Global Hockey Connections
Bluechip and Swedish Hockey School (SHS) have created Global Hockey Connections (GHC). Bluechip have been helping hockey players to the US since 1991 and is the leading expert in Scandinavia in this field. SHS is one of the leading junior camp and junior development companies in Sweden. Together we have been arranging Hockey Showcases since 2005.

For any questions about future Hockey Showcases please contact Joakim Frisk at
phone: +46 708 289106